Standard Agreement – Support Coordination

NDIS Support Coordination and Recovery Coaching

This is the standard service agreement for support coordination. We send this link to prospective clients so that they can agree to our agreement before we meet them. This saves time.

Service Agreement – Support Coordination 

About this Service Agreement 

This Service Agreement is between Calm Consulting Australia Pty Ltd (‘the provider’) and the participant named in the schedule to the agreement (‘the participant.’)  

This Service Agreement should be read together with the provider’s Participant Information Pack, which forms part of this Service Agreement. 


This Service Agreement commences on and remains in effect until the dates identified in the schedule to the agreement.  

Either party can end this agreement early if they wish. The request to end the agreement can be made verbally or in writing. The provider will aim to process requests to end the agreement request within 14 days.  

The provider will provide at least 14 days’ notice before ending this agreement.  

The provider may maintain this agreement until it has received in full all monies owed to it by any person for services provided under the terms of this agreement.  

Changes to this Service Agreement 

If changes to the services or their delivery are required, the Parties agree to discuss and review this Service Agreement. Changes to this Service Agreement will be recorded in writing, signed and dated by each party. 

Changes to your NDIS plan 

If your NDIS plan changes in any way, or if a new plan is created, you agree to notify us immediately and to provide full details of the changes. 

Services Provided Under this Agreement 

This agreement is for the provision of support coordination services. Support coordination services include (but are not limited to) the following activities: 

  • Assisting the participant to understand their NDIS plan; 
  • Designing an approach to put the NDIS plan into action; 
  • Researching ways to implement that approach; 
  • Connecting the participant with supports to implement their NDIS plan; 
  • Assisting the participant to reflect on the success or otherwise of any particular support; 
  • Assisting the participant to build your capacity generally; and 
  • Reporting the participant’s progress to the NDIA.  

This list is not exhaustive. Other services, intended to assist the participant to gain maximum benefit from their NDIS plan, may also be provided.  

Please note that some services may not be directly visible to participants. Services may be delivered in a variety of locations. Services will often be delivered via phone calls or email exchanges between the provider and other people, including the participant.  

Payment for These Services 

The provider will receive payment from the NDIA (either directly or through a third party) in return for providing the services stated above. Please note that services may not always be ‘visible’ to you as a participant. The amount claimed will be according to the price set out in the relevant ‘NDIS Price Guide’ at the time the service is provided. Usually, the NDIS issue a new price guide on 1 July each year.  

GST is not currently payable on supports provided under the NDIS. If this changes, then GST will be charged in the usual way.  

The provider may claim payment for an appointment that is cancelled after 3pm on the previous business day. Appointments cancelled prior to this time will not be claimed for.  

If requested, the provider will provide statements of amounts claimed for work done on the participant’s behalf.  

Participant Rights Under this Agreement 

The participant named in the schedule to this agreement has the right to: 

  • Receive competent, professional services; 
  • Be treated with respect; 
  • practice their culture, values and beliefs while accessing supports; 
  • Bring or request an advocate to discuss plans on their behalf; 
  • Receive services free of discrimination on any basis; 
  • Receive information in a timely manner; 
  • Request an interpreter if at any point they do not fully comprehend anything relevant to the delivery of services 
  • Privacy. This means that all records will be maintained confidentially, unless:  
  1. A written release of information is signed; 
  1. there is a medical emergency; 
  1. A clear and immediate danger to the participant or to others exists; 
  1. There is possible abuse to the participant or another person; or 
  1. When ordered by a court of law 

Further information about participant rights can be found in Calm Consulting Australia’s Participant information Document, a copy of which has been provided to the participant.  

Participant Obligations Under this Agreement 

The participant named in the schedule to this agreement agrees to:  

  • Co-operate and participate as much as possible with the provider to receive services and enact the NDIS plan; 
  • Let the provider know about any concerns the participant has about the NDIS plan or changes in the participant’s needs;  
  • Communicate as effectively and respectfully as possible at all times;  and 
  • Do everything possible to maintain the safety, privacy and dignity of all provider staff. 

Feedback, Complaints and Disputes 

If the participant named in the schedule to this agreement wishes to make a complaint or otherwise provide feedback, please contact Calm Consulting on 0413 863 154 or by email at  

If the participant is not satisfied or would prefer not to talk to Calm Consulting, please contact the National Disability Insurance Agency on 1800 800 110, visit one of their offices in person, or visit

Emergency Contacts 

The participant named in the schedule to this agreement agrees for the provider to contact the emergency contacts identified in the schedule if we cannot contact you and are concerned for your safety or wellbeing.  

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Provider:Calm Consulting Australia Pty Ltd 


NDIS Participant Number: 

Emergency Contact 



Mobile Number:


Service to be Provided:Support Coordination 

NDIS Line Item Number:01_791_0106_8_3 or 07_002_0106_8_3 

Fee for this service: $100.14 per hour (as per price guide in operation at time of signing. Please note that the actual amount charged may change if the price guide amount changes).  

Commencement Date:TBC 

This agreement remains in effect until cancelled by either party. If you would like to end this agreement, let us know and we will aim to process your request within 14 days. If we decide to change/end this agreement, we will provide 14 days’ notice. CC has a right to maintain this agreement until CC has received in full all monies owed to it by any person for services provided under the terms of this agreement. 


The Parties agree to the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement and acknowledge and understand their rights and responsibilities. The participant confirms that they have received a copy of the Participant Information Guide and have had the chance to ask questions regarding the services to be covered by this agreement. 

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Signature of Participant/Nominee/AgentDate 


Name of Participant/Nominee/Agent 

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