NDIS Support Coordination and Recovery Coaching

The NDIS is fantastic and will make life better for many, many people. In many cases, it already is.

But many providers are struggling to ‘make a go’ of the NDIS. Put simply, these providers are losing large amounts of money trying to run an NDIS service. Unfortunately, these providers often simply do not understand the economics that underpin the NDIS.

The NDIS is a new way to fund disability services. This is actually a really good thing – but it does mean that providers need to find a new way to deliver those services. This new way does not mean ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water.’ Providers can and should maintain their mission and purpose – especially if they have already spent decades serving the community. It is just that providers need to enact their mission and purpose in a way that complements the NDIS – rather than in a way that works against it.

The NDIS has a vision for services to be delivered by a large number of small to medium enterprises – not a small number of large enterprises. Within these small to medium enterprises (‘SMEs’), the NDIS wants everyone to be a contributor. This means low overheads and everybody working close to the participants. Believe us – this is a good thing. It makes the delivery of services much more localised and relevant for the most important people in the whole ball game: the participants. But this system takes some ‘getting used to’ for organisations that have traditionally used a much more hierarchical way of doing things. Unfortunately, these are the organisations that are losing a lot of money in the NDIS.

Calm Consulting’s founder has a long, successful history in running profitable SME’s. We can teach your organisation how to make sure you ‘fit’ the NDIS. Our first chat is always free and the ones after that don’t cost the earth either. So, feel free to contact us using the details on this page and we look forward to helping you and your organisation thrive in the NDIS.