A Short Note about Registration

NDIS Support Coordination and Recovery Coaching

A Short Note about Registration

Traditionally, support coordination could only be provided (or, more precisely, could only be funded) as a stated support in the ‘capacity building’ section of an NDIS plan.

In late March, changes were announced that allow core funding to be used for support coordination. For plan managed NDIS plans, support coordination can be provided by organisations who, like us, are awaiting registration. These changes were introduced because their is a shortage of support coordination services compared to demand in these times of Coronavirus. The changes make sense because, in our case and we are sure in the case of others, the need for social distancing has slowed down the registration process.

Some participants prefer not to use their core funding for support coordination. If this is you, please talk to us. Our main priority is to get you started and if this means we do a few weeks unpaid work until we are registered, this is quite OK. The important thing is that the implementation of your NDIS plan not be delayed. The money can always be worked out later.

So, if you would like to know more, please get in touch with us.

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